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— Story —


Your Delicious Escape to the Mediterranean 

They say variety is the spice of life. Charming choices are at your mercy, the moment you enter through our doors. What will it be today - the Bistro for breakfast and brunch on the cosy Chesterfield sofas or perhaps the winding staircase to our plush cocktail bar for something to sip on over supper?

We’re all about laidback-luxury with a Mediterranean / Middle Eastern twist, so you can expect great vibes and gorgeous food throughout the day and into the night.

In the same way our venue offers two settings, with the ground floor for a more casual, cosy Bistro experience and the first floor indulging you in an elegant evening rendezvous, the name Yaz also splits into two branches of meaning in our native language.

The first definition is summer and the second is to write. The warm, happy, rich feelings which come from the summer are the sentiments we aim to gift to our guests and we deliver this message through the medium of Mediterranean cooking. Our chefs are our authors and the delicious, locally-sourced, internationally-inspired food is their way of writing.

Like a brilliant book, from breakfast and brunch through to lunch and dinner, it is our purpose and passion to leave you satisfied, smiling and sharing the story with loved ones for a long, long time.